About this store

How this online shop came about?


My name is Michal, I am a beer enthusiast and the founder of Brewing Mate.

I love beer. I simply can’t help myself.


I enjoyed beer for many years and explored variety of styles, read a number of books on ingredients, fermentation types, equipment and few years back I started brewing beer myself.


The idea behind this store is to bring the best of the brewing world and share with the fellow beer enthusiasts.

The Brewing Mate equipment is the fruit of collaboration with large factories who were kind enough to take onboard my ideas and experience and forge them into new line of products.

The beer sold on this website is a selection of my personal favourites.


The journey continues and we are now in talks with manufacturers to develop further products. We are also scouting for new beers which will shortly be added to our range.


Don’t be a stranger and visit us soon to discover new arrivals.